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Compassionate Allowances

I found myself surprised recently as the Social Security Administration recently held a hearing and added more conditions to their Compassionate Allowances list. I find it difficult to swallow that the SSA has any level of compassion, but that is my personal opinion. The Compassionate Allowances program was launched in 2008 to help expedite processing of claims which fall under certain medical criteria and include diagnoses confirming any one of 50 medical conditions. Continue reading

“I think I am disabled”

In many discussions our office has had with new clients we are told, or come to find, only a couple of conditions have been listed with the Social Security Administration office when the application was filed. During subsequent conversations we come to discover there is much more going on than just the one or two conditions or symptoms that are affecting our clients. I cannot stress enough how important it is to consider ALL of what is preventing you from working. So many of us want to dismiss the “minor” discomforts for as long as possible for sake of it being just than – a discomfort. Many others dismiss the “minor” issues as more serious conditions begin to develop. After a point, they start to find the “minor” issues aren’t so minor any more but they’re still nothing compared to what the “real” issue is.

Continue reading

Communicating your medical conditions

Recently I was told by someone that he knew “for a fact” he was disabled and was astounded that the SSA denied the claim for disability benefits. The unfortunate “Fact” is that the SSA is supposed to take many things into consideration when making their determinations on disability claims but sometimes they aren’t fully aware of all the disabling conditions an individual is dealing with. For that matter, sometimes the other parties involved aren’t always clued in either. Continue reading

Your doctor knows more than you think

I have to admit – having worked for Mr. Davis for the last two years I have learned quite a bit about the medical field, and loads more about the Social Security disability process. I certainly know I haven’t heard it all yet (Kimberly Cole in our office probably has), but not too much surprises me at this point… except – what can end up in a client’s medical records. People don’t realize that a lot of the off-hand remarks they make to a doctor can often end up as part of their permanent record and in some instances could be detrimental to their claim. Continue reading

Please pass the salt…

You have filed or are considering filing a disability claim with the Social Security Administration and are finding conflicting information about the process and what to expect. You’ve heard from family, friends, your doctors, or even people who happen to “overhear” your conversation and decide to share their experience or that of someone else they know. Some claim they were approved “right away” or “just a couple months” after they filed the application. Yet others claim they were denied “five times” before they were finally approved. A call to the Social Security Administration results in yet more differing information. In all actuality, you may want to consider taking all that information with a very large grain of salt and consult with an attorney’s office. Continue reading

SSA suspends Social Security Annual Statements

On March 29, 2011, the Social Security Administration (SSA) announced via their website that the annual statements that are sent out have been suspended. The statements included information such as if you qualify for disability benefits based on credits you earn while working, your monthly payment amount for disability benefits, your eligible retirement information and a list of your earnings as recorded by SSA. Continue reading