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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Five Critical Tips to Keep in Mind when Completing Disability Forms

Perhaps one of the most confusing aspects of winning a Social Security (SSA) disability claim is completing the array of forms during the process.

A question you will inevitably ask is, “Does SSA look at my forms and can they alone win or lose my case?”

My experience is that SSA and/or judges don’t usually approve your case based on what you say on the forms. However, they often use what is said in the forms to support a denial of your claim.

This is because if SSA or a judge is going to approve your claim, they will base it on more compelling objective evidence such as medical records and/or treating physicians’ opinions regarding your inability to work.

Unfortunately, I have seen what appeared to be an innocent statement by a claimant be the evidence used by the judge to deny the claim. Continue reading