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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Social Media

When filing a disability claim or in the process of receiving disability, it is important to watch the pictures and things you say on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others. It is possible that some administrative law judges could look at things you put on the internet. If this happens it could possibly be detrimental to you disability claim and even result in a unfavorable decision. The next time you are on a social media site be careful what you are writing and the pictures you may post for they might hurt your disability claim. We would recommend that you refrain from using any social media sites until you claim has been approved.


Updating personal contact information with your attorney

It is important to always inform your attorney or any other Social Security representative when you move and change phone numbers. If we are unable to reach you in a timely matter, it can have a detrimental impact on your case as we at certain times need to update your medical information, schedule meetings and confirm evidence in your file. Continue reading

The importance of regular medical treatment

One of the most important strategies in proving a disability is by having medical evidence to support your claim. In times when you cannot work and finances are a major struggle you may think it is too much to continue to see your physican(s) but it is extremely important to continue to do so. Your physician who has seen you throughout this time, who knows your disability from a professional medical stand point, can be the defining factor between approval and denial of your claim.

The best and most effective way to show their support is through the medical source statements we request they fill out for us. These forms are crucial in showing the ALJ what your limitations are and describing your condition medically.

In the end having continued to regularly see your treating physicians, and following their medical advice, will make a huge difference in your case.