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Monthly Archives: June 2014

TS from Las Vegas

It was wonderful to speak with you today. I just wanted to write and thank you again for all your efforts in helping me win my Social Security Disability case. You put up with me when I was cranky and upset and you were both wonderful.

This is a life changing event for me and while I imagine you hear it a lot, the award of these benefits represents financial security for me in what has become my most dire times. Your ability to get me approved in the 1st round will now allow me to keep my home that I have worked so hard for. It means I will have power next month and food to eat.

You both, and the staff that supports you has made all the difference in a very ill person’s life and I thank you all.

My warmest regards and a million thank yous!

JT from Phoenix, AZ

I am disabled and had to stop working. I needed legal help in applying for the benefits I have paid for through my 45+ year working career. Scott Davis provided me the needed legal authority that I knew I needed. The system is complicated and requires a successful legal advocate. If you are looking for a Workers Disability attorney give Scott Davis a call. He and his staff helped me. You will not find anyone better.

M.S. from Tempe, AZ

I was shocked when I received my denial letter for ongoing long term disability payments. I contacted the insurance company and found out the denial was due to human error, of course their explanation was much longer but it meant the same. They had denied me because they had determined I could go to back to work in spite of Social Security finding me fully disabled and all of the supporting medical records. I am no longer able to take care of myself, I had to sell my home and move in with my son and his family. I am bedridden 21 hours a day and struggle with activities of daily living; but the insurance company determined I could go back to work. I knew I needed a good attorney.

I contacted 4 attorneys, including Scott Davis who was highly recommended from another attorney. A good piece of advice they all gave was to retain an attorney first thing. Scott Davis was the only one who had a specific plan. A plan to ensure every t was crossed and every i dotted, not to mention irrefutable medical documentation. In fact, his office contacted me regarding a box the doctor did not check, it wasn’t really medically applicable but it was necessary to address it. Scott Davis and his staff not only have the expertise and diligence to win their cases, they have an understanding of how difficult it is to be completely disabled, all the loss one feels physically, mentally and financially. They have always been kind, compassionate, patient and forgiving of my moods.


SA from Albuquerque, NM

I retained Scott to help me with a disability claim against MetLife. I found Scott and his entire staff to be very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. They kept me informed of all happenings in the case and constantly provided accurate and insightful counseling. Scott’s knowledge of disability claims and insurance company policies were crucial to the successful outcome of my claim without having to resort to litigation. I highly recommend Scott to anyone needing representation for disability claims.

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Attorney Scott Davis is Arizona and Nevada’s leading ERISA disability attorney. ERISA is a very complex federal law that does not protect you or your family. For over 17 years, Scott has practiced only disability law and has successfully represented thousands of clients who are unable to work.

In the process, Scott has beat every major disability carrier in the country and successfully litigated hundreds of cases in federal court and recovered tens of millions of dollars for his clients. Few attorneys handle even one case in federal court during their career.

The bottom line is that Scott and his team get excellent results for their clients. Each client’s case and needs are unique, so Scott personally crafts a strategy that comprehensively develops evidence so your case is persuasively presented. Your disability company has no interest in paying you. To win, you better have an aggressive disability attorney who has extensive experience beating them.

There is frequently not a charge for an initial consultation and a fee is never charged unless we win your case. Please call today and rest easy knowing you have retained the leading disability attorney in Arizona and Nevada.