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AL from Phoenix, AZ

Being in my early 30’s with so many illnesses, that I considered disabling, some would not. Mr. Davis and his staff took the time to explain to me that I wasn’t alone and that my work history spoke for itself. They did all the research to prove to the judge and medical experts that were assigned to my case due to my higher level of education and my history that I was indeed unable to return to any type of job. He did an amazing job at winning, but most of all supporting me throughout the whole process. Everyone in his office takes good care of you, from the beginning and even after I received communication on how I was progressing. To our disbelief, I have endured another diagnosis and 4 surgeries since my favorable decision, this was disheartening, but again his staff has reassured me that we not only did what was right for me, but for everyone! I would highly recommend Mr. Davis as he is the best and gave me a reason to look forward to waking up everyday instead of stressing about where my next meal would come from and how I would support my children.

Thank you to everyone in his office, a special thanks to Jennifer who went that extra mile for me just by making me feel like I was not alone during all of this. It’s an excruciating process to go through when so very ill and they take all that burden off of you.

I am forever grateful!