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Failing to comply with your doctor’s treatment can affect your case

Social Security’s decision to award you benefits depends a lot on the credibility of your statements. In other words, Social Security needs to believe that you truly are disabled. They need to believe that you experience the symptoms you claim to experience, in example, pain, weakness, or memory loss. They also need to believe that your symptoms make it impossible to carry out daily tasks entailed in basic work situations, as in, walking, sitting, lifting, or communicating.

The most obvious way to prove your credibility is in your medical records. If you see your physician often, or even speak to them, it shows that your condition is as limiting as you say but it does not end just in contact with your physician. It is very important that you follow the treatment plan your doctor has recommended for you by taking your medication, using assistive devices such as a cane or wheelchair, and also not by just making regular appointments but also by keeping them. If you fail to comply with your physician Social Security will assume your limitations are not as troubling as you would like them to believe.

On the other hand, if you have an extensive record of seeing numerous doctors and trying different treatment options, Social Security will find it more believable that your condition is severe and disabling.