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BSC from Henderson, NV

I just want to take a quick moment to thank you and your firm for your amazing dedication and earnest efforts with the Social Security Agency on my behalf.  I honestly don’t know what I would have done had I not, by chance, encountered your firm; I am not an outspoken person, consequently I’m certain my case would have been but an additional statistic amongst all the other denials had you not fought for my rights, for the money that is rightfully and in fact quite literally mine.

I’m often befuddled by events or coincidences in my life that sometimes lead me to a destination or a person of which or whom I had no knowledge prior to discovery and discovering your firm, after months upon months of contacting others in an attempt to get them to do simply what they advertise they will do, is precisely one of those events.

I was unsure of what to expect, of whom I was engaging to entrust with my very financial future; all I had was a hunch after speaking with you and that hunch paid off as I had hoped.  Your firm is what I needed; someone to take the reins and do what was required and you did it in such a manner that I never felt as though I had become part of an assembly line of inconsequential objects.

From the moment I contacted you, your firm never made me feel anything but important; I truly felt comfortable with your efforts and I knew, without a moment’s doubt that my fate with the Social Security System was in the best hands possible, then the day I listened to you present my case before the judge, I was in awe of your abilities, your understanding of the system and even more importantly, you knew ME; you knew me as though you had personally witnessed the events that brought me to you in the beginning.

That’s what separates you from the faceless, uncaring machines that grind out cases as though they’re just another number on a profit and loss statement.  I’m sure there are others that are good at what they do with the System, somewhere out there; but! I am equally certain that there’s no one better.

Thank you for making this otherwise horrific experience, a painless and positive process.  I can’t express in words, the gratitude I feel towards you and your firm for the manner in which you handled my case.

Very gratefully,