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Contacting your Congressperson to try to speed up your disability claim

Unfortunately, the process of getting disability benefits from Social Security can take a very long time. A question we are often asked is “Why are things taking so long? Why did I hire a disability lawyer in the first place?” An attorney is not able to pressure Social Security to expedite a claim. What an attorney can do is make sure that Social Security has everything they need to make a decision in a claim.

One option that is open to you is contacting your members of Congress. If you feel that your claim has taken too long and you are in dire need, try writing to them. While your Congressperson cannot overstep the SSA in stipulating an approval on your claim, a Congressperson has the authority to inquire your status from Social Security, which will place a flag on your file at the SSA office. While there is no guarantee this will expedite your claim, it’s worth a try. Be aware, though, it is not guaranteed that Social Security will speed up your claim, but they will be aware you have asked for a review by your representative.