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DJ from Des Moines, IA

Hello. First of all, I want to say God bless you… the world is a better place because of wonderful people like you. I am a 55 year old woman who lives in Iowa, and have fibromyalgia and CFS, among other things. I have been disabled for about 20 years now. I fought for my disability in the 90s, based on those two illnesses alone (I have developed other issues since), so you can imagine what a fight I had. I finally won in front of an Administrative Law Judge. I just read your article today “A Practical Guide To Persevering & Winning Your Chronic Pain/Fatigue Disability Case”. I wish I would have had this when I was exhausted from fighting my case. What encouragement and hope!! I could tell by the article that you are such a kind person, and one of your goals in life is to be of great help to those of us who feel as though we are walking through a bad dream. So, as I said from the start, may God richly bless you and yours now and for your lifetime.

From my heart,