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DM from Pahrump, NV

I am writing this testimonial because I want all of the people that are disabled to take the time and review this website because of what Mr. Scott Davis and his staff accomplished for me. To begin with they answered all my questions, the staff was very understanding and showed compassion for my condition. Of all the phone calls or emails that I sent the staff they responded to most in the same day but always within 24 hours; this was amazing to me and not expected.

Chronic back pain is my problem and I was turn down twice from Social Security; sure I had x-rays, and the staff made sure that all of my medical records were available but the Social Security system is set up to turn down everyone in my opinion. The SSA makes you feel depressed, hopeless, fear your court date. If you are on this web site and you feel the same way you must give Scott Davis a call now, he will give you an honest review of your case, my case was not easy

My doctor for example who I was treated by for years refused to say the magic words that I could not work! He would not sign any of the papers sent from Scott Davis in an effort to help my case. But what did do is he kept very good records on each and every visit on my condition and I saw him every 3-4 months.

Don’t give up, Scott Davis prepared me to see the judge and he also filed a motion to have my case approved and although I was told this will not happen all the time, my case was approved and I did not have to see the judge. In conclusion Scott Davis and his staff were outstanding and I truly will be grateful to them for the rest of my life!