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FB from Peoria, AZ

I was referred to Scott Davis’ office by another attorneys’ office for help with my disability case. I had no idea that they were not only giving me the office phone number, but also the number one reason for the successful outcome of my case. I was amazed to find such a genuinely caring group of people, that came alongside me and helped me understand the steps in the process and that gave me encouragement throughout the waiting.

Jennifer was my first contact, and I can only say she went above and beyond to assist me with the paperwork. She is the perfect blend of professional and caring! She was always very kind, and quick to respond to any questions I had, via email or phone. When I met with Scott prior to my hearing date, I knew I was in very capable hands. He reviewed my case to ensure that everything lined up to support my health issues down to the smallest of details. Scott’s confidence in front of the judge regarding my case really set me at ease.

All throughout the time that Scott Davis and his office staff assisted me in winning my disability hearing, I felt very respected. In fact, by the time I went into the office to meet with Scott, I felt that I was treated more like a friend or relative than a client. I spoke with a lady a couple of days ago at her workplace that said she is going to have to quit work, as she is just having so many health issues. I gave her my phone number and told her to call me so that I can share my experience with her and give her some tips — the biggest one will be to call Scott Davis’ office!

Thanks Scott and Jennifer and all who so kindly helped me through such a trying time!