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Getting affidavits notarized

Why is it important for my family or friends who write an affidavit on my behalf to have their affidavit notarized?  This is a question I have heard quite a few times from clients. An affidavit by definition is “a written declaration upon oath made before an authorized official”.  Without the notary public’s signature as a witness the affidavit is simply a statement. The notarized document becomes, in a sense, the testimony of your loved ones who know you and your disability or disabilities and how these impairments have affected your daily life.  It significantly increases the credibility of your loved one and yourself to the Administrative Law Judge reviewing your claim when their words have been sealed by a Notary whom is an appointed public official.

Although, it may seem inconvenient for your chosen family and/or friends to have their document notarized and may seem like an unnecessary cost to them, it really is a very resourceful tool in advancing your chances of your claim being approved.