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How to handle correspondence from the Social Security Administration

Even if you’ve retained a disability attorney to represent you in your disability claim, it’s important to remember that the Social Security Administration (SSA) can make mistakes. If you receive any correspondence or phone calls from Social Security, let us know as soon as possible. They are supposed to copy us on anything they send to you and should not attempt to contact you directly. It is possible that Social Security hasn’t “linked” us with your claim. If that happens, it is possible that a hearing or a deadline could be set without our knowing about it. And, if you don’t check with us, assuming that we already know, we could find ourselves in a very difficult situation. Deadlines and appointments are very important in Social Security disability claims, and we don’t want to run the risk of missing something. So, if you get anything from SSA, pick up the phone and give us a buzz to make sure we got it too.