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“I thought the fight was over, stop harassing me!”

So, after what was probably a pain staking fight for the short term/long term disability benefits you have been paying for and rightfully deserve, you finally received that golden letter from the disability insurance company saying your claim has been approved. Woo hoo, time to relax without that added stressor on your plate and you can finally focus on getting better… so you thought.

Two weeks later you receive a packet of questionnaires to be completed by you and your physicians. Thinking it is not that big of a deal, you complete the forms as requested and return them to the insurance company. Little did you know, these forms will be coming every five (5) to nine (9) months as the insurance company conducts a “review” of your claim.

“I feel like I am being harassed. Can they do this?” Unfortunately, insurance companies have the right to review a claim as frequently as they feel is necessary. If you do not comply with their requests for completed forms, updated medical records and questionnaires completed by your treating physicians, they can (and will) terminate or suspend your monthly disability benefits until the requested documents have been received and reviewed.

With that said, when you receive that packet of documents in the mail take a deep breath and call your attorney who assisted you in the process and ask that they help you complete the documents together. You may have someone assist you in writing the answers you provide them for each question, which will take away some of the pressure of completing the forms.

Make sure to have the requested documents returned to the requesting disability insurance company prior to the deadline provided. If you need additional time to complete the forms or your physician needs additional time, send a written request for an extension of time to the insurance company and make it aware of the status of the documents.

As always, if you need representation, assistance with your claim or help completing the necessary paperwork, give our office a call and we would be happy to assist you.