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JB from Morenci, AZ

To you and to the wonderful team of individuals that make up the Scott E. Davis PC firm, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!

My disability changed my life forever and it’s something that I’ll have to live with for the remainder of whatever years I have left, being that I’m 55 years old at this time… Trying to work out anything positive with the employer or the employer’s insurance carrier was a most awful experience where there was no sympathy and cut-throat tactics all the way…

When I first contacted the Scott E. Davis P.C. firm, I was treated with kindness and understanding and top-notch professionalism. From that first contact and clear communication of what a disability claim is all about and the time-frame involved, and all matters relating, the Scott E. Davis P.C. firm was outstanding in every aspect of the process. It took nearly 18 months as expected to go through the process, the appeal, and the court appearance. From day one to the final day of the hearing, the Scott E. Davis P.C. firm represented me in the best way they could and I appreciate it so very much. The case was ruled in my favor!

What is noteworthy in all of this is also mention of the fact that the ruling decided with a start date that resulted in no compensation to the Scott E. Davis P.C. firm, yet the firm has continued to provide me with the most outstanding and professional service and courteousness. The team of individuals carry themselves in a most positive way and my personal experience is that the Scott E. Davis P.C. firm is very much number one, and second to none.

I wish you all the best and will share my experience with your firm and highly recommend your firm to the individuals I come into contact that need to seek representation for a disability claim. Please feel free to share this testimonial from me on your website.

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude go to all of you!