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JC from Las Vegas, NV

I’m so glad I made the decision to go with Scott Davis as my Social Security attorney. Living in Las Vegas it would have been easy to choose one of the many that advertise all around town, but I wanted someone that would give my case a little more attention and not be treated as a just a number. They have offices in Arizona and Las Vegas. I first checked out their website and was so impressed by all the information, that I thought I was almost informed enough to represent myself. I thought that someone as open with all that information has got to be good. Not only did I feel good about picking Scott, I also felt confident in his staff. After my first call I was asked some questions as part of a screening process. They have such a high rate of success that if they decide to take your case you probably have a good one. I actually never spoke with or even met Scott until right before my hearing. He properly prepared me for what to expect and was right on the money. He brought up so many things during my hearing that I never would have thought of and at some points seemed to be speaking a different language. I really had no idea after the hearing how it went, but he said I did well and would know in a few weeks. Well not more than 10 days went by and I got my approval notice in the mail. Special thanks to Vanessa, Jennifer, and Sandy, they gave me good advice on a regular basis. The best part is you don’t pay anything until your case is approved. Their fees are fair and I think they’re set by law.