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Arizona State Long Term Disability Claims

If you work for an governmental entity in Arizona, you are most likely covered by the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) – that is good news. Arizona state law governs your claim and not ERISA. Over the past 6 years, Scott Davis has represented more Arizona state employees than any other attorney. Our record in getting client’s ASRS disability claims paid is nearly perfect. The ASRS is self funded through contributions from Arizona state employees and the state. ASRS disability coverage is much more valuable to employees than if you were covered by a private insurance company.

If you become disabled, ASRS will pay you a percentage of your pre-disability income, usually 662/3 %. ASRS will pay you disability benefits for the first 30 months after your disability begins if you are unable to your job for the state. After the first 30 months, you must be unable to work in any occupation to continue to get benefits.

Once your claim has been approved by ASRS, you will also be entitled to health insurance coverage and will accrue retirement credits for the timeframe you are on ASRS disability – this is an enormous benefit. The biggest problem with the ASRS disability program is the company that administers its claims – Sedgwick CMS. Sedgwick is a company that in our experience, frequently denies or terminates a very high percentage of ASRS disability claims. The other problem is ASRS has made it made it more difficult to qualify for disability benefits by adding a pre-existing condition limitation and an requirement that you and your doctors provide “Objective Medical Evidence” in addition to the usual evidence that you are disabled.

The Objective Medical Evidence requirement is a frequently cited reason that ASRS and Sedgwick use to deny or terminate your benefits. You must know how to beat this requirement to win your case and we know how to do it. It is important to understand that if your claim is denied, you may only have 30 or 60 days to appeal the denial or your claim may be lost. Thus, it is very important to read your denial letter. Want a game plan and strategy to win your case? Call Scott and put his extensive experience in your corner if your claim is denied or to consult with him even before filing your claim to avoid mistakes that lead to your claim being denied.

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