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Magic act

In my previous blog post I talked about the difficulty several of our clients have obtaining any kind of medical treatment due to financial difficulties. It can certainly seem as if we as your representative are asking you to pull a rather large rabbit out of your hat by insisting you go see your doctor. Fortunately we have a small bag of tricks to help you out.

Both Nevada and Arizona have medical assistance programs offered to residents who are in financial hardship. Residents in Clark County, Nevada can go to for information regarding social services and medical treatment. Client seeking behavioral health treatment can go to… or call 702-486-6000. For general assistance, , or dial 211.


In Arizona, you can go to for the state Medicaid program. For behavioral health, visit, or For other assistance, visit, or you can also dial 211.


Please keep in mind, most judges are aware of the medical assistance programs offered in Arizona and Clark County, Nevada, so they won’t be fooled by a smoke and mirror act if you have not taken advantage of these programs to get help. The best thing you can do for yourself and your claim is to get as much consistent treatment for your condition as possible.