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Medical records!

Why do I need to keep track of my medical records?

One of the most important key elements to a Social Security Disability claim can be the medical record. There are instances when doctors’ offices will merge, change the name of the practice or a doctor will leave a practice and not be able to take the patients records with them.

Often the more information you can supply to your attorney about your medical past, the better off you will be. It will help us to easily order your medical records, which are needed that pertain to your hearing. Consider after each doctor’s visit, planned or unplanned, jotting down the name of the physician you saw, the name of the facility and basic information about the visit including any medications that you may taking.

Judges will look at medical history when reviewing files. To show and have documented that you have been keeping up on your appointments is helpful. It is understood that due to unforeseen circumstances, sometimes you may not be able to go to the same treating physician you have seen on a regular basis, but there are many options available for healthcare. If you have any questions of how to find medial care, please contact your case manager, lists of resources are available.

Health care and documentation are key elements to a successful hearing.