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RLW from Phoenix, AZ

I wish to thank Scott Davis and his Staff for all they did to prepare my Social Security Disability case. I knew I was in for a long two-year battle, but felt confident and comfortable even after the first meeting with Mr. Davis.

Just observing the professionalism and organization done to obtain all the medical records and necessary physician documentation, I knew there was light at the end of my tunnel. The staff was so sympathetic and empathetic towards my physical pain and suffering, that it was much easier for me to know there would be a positive outcome to this case.

I have never been in a courtroom before, but Mr. Davis walked me through each step that would take place, told me just about every question that would be asked, and really eased my fear of meeting a judge.

Again, I thank you all, and feel very comfortable in passing your name and number to anyone seeking legal consults for any type of disability condition.