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SDT from Las Vegas, NV

Filing for disability was a difficult experience for me. Although my Doctor found I had a major heart problem, in addition to diabetes, I was denied coverage by the Social Security Administration. I met all the Administration’s requirements for disability but was denied my benefits for no true reason other than I was ‘fighting’ a bureaucracy that had no interest in my problems.

At the suggestion of my wife, I decided to get legal help. There were advertisements, on TV, from several law firms saying they were the best and they really cared. After speaking with a big named national firm I felt they were more interested in making money for themselves and not for me. I was one more person to put in the “stable” to improve their odds not mine. I started researching, on line, and found the website for Scott E. Davis, P.C. I read a couple of Scott’s articles, on disability and the Social Security Administration, and found them very helpful and interesting. I called his office for a meeting. They listened to me and my concerns then explained how the process of disability worked and what they could do to help. I knew they were on my side.

Scott Davis and his entire staff did what was needed to win my case. They not only guided and directed me but did many things “behind the scenes” trying to settle my case at every stage of a very long process. It appears the Social Security Administration has created a process with the intent to discourage, distract, confuse and defeat you. Without Scott Davis and his staff, the Administration could have won and I could have lost everything.

Scott is very personable and very knowledgeable. He and his entire staff support and guide you at every turn in the road, from technical advice to calming your fears and reducing your stress. It is impossible to say too many good things about all of the great people at Scott’s office. Although I had a clear legitimate claim for benefits, I’m convinced that the only reason I won was because Scott Davis was on my side.