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Social Security disability benefits: it is your money!

When I first meet with a potential client, one of the biggest hurdles I find that I have to help them over is their own idea that they are asking for a handout. Our clients come from all walks of life, and for the most part have worked since they were in their early teens and never thought about the disability program that Social Security Administration makes them pay for.

I have met with many a person who was visibly upset because they did not want to take a “hand out” from the government. I want to share something with all of you out there that I tell them. This is your money! Every dollar you earn, Social Security takes a percentage of and requires your employer to match it. Basically, Social Security is the wise old Uncle that is going to hold onto your money for you until you need it. The problem is, once “Uncle” has it, he forgets it’s not his, and then does everything he can to prevent you from getting it when you need it most. To make it worse, you are in a weakened state to fight for it. As I tell our potential clients, that’s what we are here for. We remind good old “Uncle” that it’s not his money, it’s yours and you need it now!

So please remember, it’s your money, not Social Security’s money and those Social Security disability payments are something you are entitled to. Just remember those immortal words of little Tatum O’Neal in “Paper Moon”, “I want my money you took from me!” and be just as stubborn about getting it.