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TM from Ash Fork, AZ

Jennifer, I would like to take a moment to thank you and particularly Brittany on the successful handling of my LTD case. When we began the process I was informed accurately about the procedures and what to expect. You were able to put my fear and anxiety on hold.

I was informed this week that I was fully recommended. I cannot tell you how this decision has taken a huge stress load off. Without this I was headed for who known what. Now I can plan for my future, get additional medical help and live life again.

At the start of my case I was assigned to Brittany for the initial filings and follows. Brittany was most helpful. She informed me of the timing and procedures ahead. Brittany always returned my calls and gave me honest answers.

When you took over, again, you informed me as to what to expect. I appreciate the hard work you did in the final stages to get my decision of favorable. You are professional, knowledgeable and most helpful.

Again, thank you all for your work, I appreciate all you have done.