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To treat or not to treat

One of the toughest questions I have to answer frequently from our clients is “How am I supposed to get medical treatment when I have no insurance, no income, and can’t even pay my bills?” This can be equally frustrating, more so for the client, obviously, but also for us as your representative, because the most crucial support for a Social Security claim is consistent medical treatment. We can receive a glowing letter from a treating physician, but if a person doesn’t have the medical treatment to back it up, he or she can lose a lot of credibility with a judge.

The answer I usually try to give is this: You have to look at medical treatment as not just necessary for your condition, but also as an investment in your Social Security claim. Making the effort to get in to see your physicians (even if you can only go every other month) will go a long way with the judge you want to have approve your claim; and can literally pay off in the long run. Consistent treatment shows a judge that you are interested in getting better, not just interested in collecting a check.

Let our office know if you are having trouble treating consistently with your doctors. We have a list of resources that may offer some assistance so you can stay on track with your treatment.