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Arizona State Long Term Disability Claims

If you work for an governmental entity in Arizona, you are most likely covered by the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) – that is good news. Arizona state law governs your claim and not ERISA. Over the past 6 years, Scott Davis has represented more Arizona state employees than any other attorney. Our record in getting client’s ASRS disability claims paid is nearly perfect. The ASRS is self funded through contributions from Arizona state employees and the state. Continue reading

Failing to comply with your doctor’s treatment can affect your case

Social Security’s decision to award you benefits depends a lot on the credibility of your statements. In other words, Social Security needs to believe that you truly are disabled. They need to believe that you experience the symptoms you claim to experience, in example, pain, weakness, or memory loss. They also need to believe that your symptoms make it impossible to carry out daily tasks entailed in basic work situations, as in, walking, sitting, lifting, or communicating. Continue reading