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DJ from Des Moines, IA

Hello. First of all, I want to say God bless you… the world is a better place because of wonderful people like you. I am a 55 year old woman who lives in Iowa, and have fibromyalgia and CFS, among other things. I have been disabled for about 20 years now. I fought for my disability in the 90s, based on those two illnesses alone (I have developed other issues since), so you can imagine what a fight I had. I finally won in front of an Administrative Law Judge. I just read your article today “A Practical Guide To Persevering & Winning Your Chronic Pain/Fatigue Disability Case”. I wish I would have had this when I was exhausted from fighting my case. What encouragement and hope!! I could tell by the article that you are such a kind person, and one of your goals in life is to be of great help to those of us who feel as though we are walking through a bad dream. So, as I said from the start, may God richly bless you and yours now and for your lifetime.

From my heart,

BSC from Henderson, NV

I just want to take a quick moment to thank you and your firm for your amazing dedication and earnest efforts with the Social Security Agency on my behalf.  I honestly don’t know what I would have done had I not, by chance, encountered your firm; I am not an outspoken person, consequently I’m certain my case would have been but an additional statistic amongst all the other denials had you not fought for my rights, for the money that is rightfully and in fact quite literally mine.

I’m often befuddled by events or coincidences in my life that sometimes lead me to a destination or a person of which or whom I had no knowledge prior to discovery and discovering your firm, after months upon months of contacting others in an attempt to get them to do simply what they advertise they will do, is precisely one of those events.

I was unsure of what to expect, of whom I was engaging to entrust with my very financial future; all I had was a hunch after speaking with you and that hunch paid off as I had hoped.  Your firm is what I needed; someone to take the reins and do what was required and you did it in such a manner that I never felt as though I had become part of an assembly line of inconsequential objects.

From the moment I contacted you, your firm never made me feel anything but important; I truly felt comfortable with your efforts and I knew, without a moment’s doubt that my fate with the Social Security System was in the best hands possible, then the day I listened to you present my case before the judge, I was in awe of your abilities, your understanding of the system and even more importantly, you knew ME; you knew me as though you had personally witnessed the events that brought me to you in the beginning.

That’s what separates you from the faceless, uncaring machines that grind out cases as though they’re just another number on a profit and loss statement.  I’m sure there are others that are good at what they do with the System, somewhere out there; but! I am equally certain that there’s no one better.

Thank you for making this otherwise horrific experience, a painless and positive process.  I can’t express in words, the gratitude I feel towards you and your firm for the manner in which you handled my case.

Very gratefully,


FB from Peoria, AZ

I was referred to Scott Davis’ office by another attorneys’ office for help with my disability case. I had no idea that they were not only giving me the office phone number, but also the number one reason for the successful outcome of my case. I was amazed to find such a genuinely caring group of people, that came alongside me and helped me understand the steps in the process and that gave me encouragement throughout the waiting.

Jennifer was my first contact, and I can only say she went above and beyond to assist me with the paperwork. She is the perfect blend of professional and caring! She was always very kind, and quick to respond to any questions I had, via email or phone. When I met with Scott prior to my hearing date, I knew I was in very capable hands. He reviewed my case to ensure that everything lined up to support my health issues down to the smallest of details. Scott’s confidence in front of the judge regarding my case really set me at ease.

All throughout the time that Scott Davis and his office staff assisted me in winning my disability hearing, I felt very respected. In fact, by the time I went into the office to meet with Scott, I felt that I was treated more like a friend or relative than a client. I spoke with a lady a couple of days ago at her workplace that said she is going to have to quit work, as she is just having so many health issues. I gave her my phone number and told her to call me so that I can share my experience with her and give her some tips — the biggest one will be to call Scott Davis’ office!

Thanks Scott and Jennifer and all who so kindly helped me through such a trying time!


JF from Laughlin, NV

Mr. Davis, the most difficult part of the entire process of obtaining my disability is finding a way to thank you and your staff enough.

Besides the efforts extended by my husband to find you, I have never known such support, singular effort and focus, compassion, congeniality, and swift accomplishment as proposed and delivered by you. I have recommended and will continue to encourage those I know and love to seek Mr. Davis’ advise and services. To merely say” thank you” is so very shallow in comparison to the profoundly caring services and prompt response, you, Mr. Davis, have extended on my behalf. We will forever be astounded and beholding to you.

Most Admiringly and Appreciatively,

DR from Las Vegas, NV

Scott Davis and his staff are very experienced and knowledgeable. Their guidance and support were really great. Scott and his staff lifting me up and carried me when I was lost hope. Their experience and expertise on how to properly approach the disability process was the critical factor without question in getting my disability claim approved just days before my scheduled hearing.

Scott Davis came highly recommended by two different support groups. Now I know why many people leading support groups and experienced with the disability process recommended Scott Davis and his staff.

I am forever grateful, words cannot put the feelings to how grateful I am. They really kept me from ending up living on the street.


EA from Phoenix, AZ

Compassion and caring seems to be in short supply these days. But Scott and his team (Jennifer and Sandy) showed me just that. I’ve had countless conversations with both and the compassion from them was just unparalleled.

I had tried working with my progressive condition through four stints of short term disability. Finally my doctors decided that it was time for LTD. My company’s private LTD group always made me feel like I caused a problem. They were constantly looking for a way to deny me even though three of my doctors recommended LTD.

A stipulation of my private LTD was to sign up for SSD. The paperwork they sent me was overwhelming and I could not make heads or tails of it.

I was referred to Scott by a friend. The first time I talked with Jennifer it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. She understood the stuggle I was going thru with my private LTD and just took over from there with the SSD part. She will answer any and all of your questions. She knows everything. She will call you back; she will email you back always.

My case manager was Sandy and she explained the mountain of paperwork I had been given. She was very patient with me and explained it with great detail. She will stay on the phone with you until all your questions are understood. She is very detailed and I never felt rushed to get off the phone. I came into this process with zero knowledge about it. I would have to rate Sandy’s background in this area as a 10. Very satisfied with the excellent client service and my claim was approved immediately.

In my darkest days all I wanted was a kind voice on the other end of the line. I got that with Scott Davis. Many thanks to you guys and you know I will always be grateful.

RSH from Las Vegas, NV

I would like to thank the Scott Davis law firm for all their hard work on behalf of my wife. She applied for Social Security Disability nearly two years ago and it was initially denied. It was after this denial that we realized we needed legal representation in order to win our case with Social Security so we hired Scott Davis’ law firm. We were subsequently denied a second time. We were informed it would require a hearing before an administrative law judge to overrule the second denial. Thanks to the representation of the Scott Davis law firm not only did we receive a positive resolution to this case but a hearing was deemed unnecessary. She will now receive monthly Social Security benefits as well as a retroactive payment for benefits from July 2010 to the present.

We would recommed the Scott Davis law firm to anyone needing representation for their Social Security claim.

DR from Phoenix, AZ

My husband is currently a client and I wanted to thank your staff members. When we initially signed up we were working with Brittany, then were transferred to Mary. I can’t tell you how amazing both of them were through this process, they were always willing to discuss the case if I had questions, and always made sure I understood what was going on. They were very patient, as I am sure I asked them the same questions more than once. I never had any issues getting in contact with either of them, if I called they answered, or I received a call back right away. They always kept me apprised of what was going on, and I was able to find out status of my husband’s case with ease. The two have them have made this as pleasant as possible and I can’t thank them enough. If we ever have need for an attorney within you law area, we would absolutely retain you again, due to Brittany and Mary and how wonderful it was to work with them.

TS from Las Vegas

It was wonderful to speak with you today. I just wanted to write and thank you again for all your efforts in helping me win my Social Security Disability case. You put up with me when I was cranky and upset and you were both wonderful.

This is a life changing event for me and while I imagine you hear it a lot, the award of these benefits represents financial security for me in what has become my most dire times. Your ability to get me approved in the 1st round will now allow me to keep my home that I have worked so hard for. It means I will have power next month and food to eat.

You both, and the staff that supports you has made all the difference in a very ill person’s life and I thank you all.

My warmest regards and a million thank yous!

JT from Phoenix, AZ

I am disabled and had to stop working. I needed legal help in applying for the benefits I have paid for through my 45+ year working career. Scott Davis provided me the needed legal authority that I knew I needed. The system is complicated and requires a successful legal advocate. If you are looking for a Workers Disability attorney give Scott Davis a call. He and his staff helped me. You will not find anyone better.