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CL from Las Vegas, NV

I had the fortunate opportunity to work with attorney Scott Davis in resolving a difficult situation that occurred during my time of employment. Scott Davis’ expertise, knowledge, and hours of hard work accomplished what he sat out to do “win” a very hard and time consuming litigation! As a client of attorney Scott Davis and his firm, Scott was patient, sincere and dedicated to my case!

BS from Phoenix, AZ

Words can not express the extreme gratitude I have for your law firm. You took on one of the biggest companies in the world on my behalf. When the dust settled we had prevailed due to your superior intellect, competence,and experience. Scott Davis is, without a doubt, one of the premier disability litigators in the country. Thank you so much!

JB from Morenci, AZ

To you and to the wonderful team of individuals that make up the Scott E. Davis PC firm, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!

My disability changed my life forever and it’s something that I’ll have to live with for the remainder of whatever years I have left, being that I’m 55 years old at this time… Trying to work out anything positive with the employer or the employer’s insurance carrier was a most awful experience where there was no sympathy and cut-throat tactics all the way…

When I first contacted the Scott E. Davis P.C. firm, I was treated with kindness and understanding and top-notch professionalism. From that first contact and clear communication of what a disability claim is all about and the time-frame involved, and all matters relating, the Scott E. Davis P.C. firm was outstanding in every aspect of the process. It took nearly 18 months as expected to go through the process, the appeal, and the court appearance. From day one to the final day of the hearing, the Scott E. Davis P.C. firm represented me in the best way they could and I appreciate it so very much. The case was ruled in my favor!

What is noteworthy in all of this is also mention of the fact that the ruling decided with a start date that resulted in no compensation to the Scott E. Davis P.C. firm, yet the firm has continued to provide me with the most outstanding and professional service and courteousness. The team of individuals carry themselves in a most positive way and my personal experience is that the Scott E. Davis P.C. firm is very much number one, and second to none.

I wish you all the best and will share my experience with your firm and highly recommend your firm to the individuals I come into contact that need to seek representation for a disability claim. Please feel free to share this testimonial from me on your website.

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude go to all of you!


JC from Las Vegas, NV

I’m so glad I made the decision to go with Scott Davis as my Social Security attorney. Living in Las Vegas it would have been easy to choose one of the many that advertise all around town, but I wanted someone that would give my case a little more attention and not be treated as a just a number. They have offices in Arizona and Las Vegas. I first checked out their website and was so impressed by all the information, that I thought I was almost informed enough to represent myself. I thought that someone as open with all that information has got to be good. Not only did I feel good about picking Scott, I also felt confident in his staff. After my first call I was asked some questions as part of a screening process. They have such a high rate of success that if they decide to take your case you probably have a good one. I actually never spoke with or even met Scott until right before my hearing. He properly prepared me for what to expect and was right on the money. He brought up so many things during my hearing that I never would have thought of and at some points seemed to be speaking a different language. I really had no idea after the hearing how it went, but he said I did well and would know in a few weeks. Well not more than 10 days went by and I got my approval notice in the mail. Special thanks to Vanessa, Jennifer, and Sandy, they gave me good advice on a regular basis. The best part is you don’t pay anything until your case is approved. Their fees are fair and I think they’re set by law.

BC from Henderson, NV

I would like to take time to say thank you to everyone at your office that was involved with my disability case. I was hesitant to let someone handle my case that wasn’t based here in the Las Vegas area, but when I realized that you only handle disability, and that you only receive a fee if you win, you must know your stuff. I have no regrets.

During one of the most stressful times of my life, everyone at your office was kind and professional and gave me hope.  It was a long and drawn out process, and after several denials by Social Security Disability, my only hope was for Scott Davis and his staff to get a decision in my favor. Thanks to Scott and to all of you, I did get that decision. May God bless you all.

GR from Las Vegas, NV

Scott E. Davis accomplished what, at times seemed to be the impossible. I was pleasantly surprised to learn recently that my Social Security Disability benefits had been approved shortly before my scheduled hearing date.

Mr. Davis and his office staff were amazing throughout the entire SSD process. They provided support and encouragement along the way and were always available for any questions or concerns I may have had. Their professional and courteous demeanor always made them a pleasure to work with.

The Social Security Administration appears to discourage claims by denying claims and subsequent appeals. Mr. Davis and his staff continued to support and encourage me throughout the process, confident that we would prevail.

I will certainly recommend Mr. Scott E. Davis and his staff to others. Their knowledge and compassion is paramount.

KP from Florence, AZ

JP and I wanted to say thank you so much for all your help, persistence and hard work with my LTD case. We really appreciate that you set expectations for us up front, and throughout the process, so we always knew what was happening, and there were no surprises.

We had heard that you were “the best” at LTD cases, and yup, we have to agree! We know we wouldn’t have gotten anything from Prudential without you. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to get on with our lives now.

So thanks so much for everything. I’m more than happy to provide a reference for you, if the situation arises.

Thanks again to both Scott and Lisa!

My sincere and heartfelt gratitude.

Thank you so much for all your help.


DM from Pahrump, NV

I am writing this testimonial because I want all of the people that are disabled to take the time and review this website because of what Mr. Scott Davis and his staff accomplished for me. To begin with they answered all my questions, the staff was very understanding and showed compassion for my condition. Of all the phone calls or emails that I sent the staff they responded to most in the same day but always within 24 hours; this was amazing to me and not expected.

Chronic back pain is my problem and I was turn down twice from Social Security; sure I had x-rays, and the staff made sure that all of my medical records were available but the Social Security system is set up to turn down everyone in my opinion. The SSA makes you feel depressed, hopeless, fear your court date. If you are on this web site and you feel the same way you must give Scott Davis a call now, he will give you an honest review of your case, my case was not easy

My doctor for example who I was treated by for years refused to say the magic words that I could not work! He would not sign any of the papers sent from Scott Davis in an effort to help my case. But what did do is he kept very good records on each and every visit on my condition and I saw him every 3-4 months.

Don’t give up, Scott Davis prepared me to see the judge and he also filed a motion to have my case approved and although I was told this will not happen all the time, my case was approved and I did not have to see the judge. In conclusion Scott Davis and his staff were outstanding and I truly will be grateful to them for the rest of my life!


TM from Ash Fork, AZ

Jennifer, I would like to take a moment to thank you and particularly Brittany on the successful handling of my LTD case. When we began the process I was informed accurately about the procedures and what to expect. You were able to put my fear and anxiety on hold.

I was informed this week that I was fully recommended. I cannot tell you how this decision has taken a huge stress load off. Without this I was headed for who known what. Now I can plan for my future, get additional medical help and live life again.

At the start of my case I was assigned to Brittany for the initial filings and follows. Brittany was most helpful. She informed me of the timing and procedures ahead. Brittany always returned my calls and gave me honest answers.

When you took over, again, you informed me as to what to expect. I appreciate the hard work you did in the final stages to get my decision of favorable. You are professional, knowledgeable and most helpful.

Again, thank you all for your work, I appreciate all you have done.

BC from Boulder City, NV

If you are thinking about getting legal help with your disability claim, I would highly recommend Scott Davis’ group.

They are awesome.

Throughout the entire process, they were there with me explaining what I needed to do, and answering all my questions. They are all very professional making my claim hassle free and painless. Just don’t give up; and they make it happen

Scott Davis’ team made it all seem too easy and good to be true! But it is true, they are life changers! Two Thumbs Up for Scott and company. Thank you so much.